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Michael S Robinson Utah

Hi, I'm Michael S Robinson CEO and President of Ohana Homes Solutions Inc.

Michael S Robinson Utah's Bio:

Michael Robinson has a passion for providing value to his real estate clients by providing creative win/win solutions to their real estate needs. Michael and his partners have been involved with the re-development of 1000’s of homes and multi-family properties across 7 states and 71 cities. Michael has expanded his real estate holdings from Sandy Utah to Hawaii to Florida, Georgia, Ohio, Indiana and Tennessee. His real estate business buys distressed single family and multi-family properties to meet the immediate needs of his clients, sellers and banks. An important facet of Michael Robinson’s real estate business is the ability to use their construction crews and expertise to build housing units in under developed countries for the poorest of the poor. Michael Robinson’s ambition is to utilize his talents and abilities and that of his team to serve the needs of the impoverished and homeless with their basic housing needs in 3rd world countries . The first of his efforts started with his assistance in the building of an orphanage in Africa. This passion has grown and spread to other 3rd world countries.   Aside from Michael Robinson’s real estate development business, he is deeply committed to helping businesses and homeowners convert from fossil fuel based power to solar energy. Not only is solar power the smarter, cleaner solution, but power from the sun is free. We have the ability now to harness the power from the sun at an unprecedentedly low cost per watt. We are at the beginnings of a solar wave that will revolutionize the way we obtain and distribute power. It is an exciting time to bring this technology to the consumer at a historic rate of adoption here in Hawaii and the mainland. We offer a no deposit, no cost for installation opportunity whereby the customer pays a rate for power that is much lower than the local utility. Michael Robinson intends to scale up his national sales force to over 100 direct to consumer representatives by spring of 2015.

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